Your Canyoning Hosts

With more than 25 years guiding and instructional experience world wide, you’re in safe hands!

Waterfalls and white water, the love of sharing our special world. We have the ability to not only guide but teach the fundamentals of canyoning on every tour. We love to help our guests push personal comfort zones while having a fantastic and fun time!

Koryn Gould

Koryn GouldA “career out-door guide”.  Koryn is a rafting and swift water rescue expert with 25 years of experience in 19 countries worldwide. He has led multi day expeditions, first descents and was a NZ representative in freestyle kayaking and a national champion in raft racing. Canyoning has become his new passion as it combines the best parts of all the these other sports.

“Canyoning embraces the ideals of participating in your own adventure. Doing it yourself instead of being guided. Put yourself out there on the edge of a waterfall,  take a calming breath… then, you can either abseil, slide, zipline or just jump off of it”… so awesome!

Your summer crew 2017-2018 Richard and Koryn