Canyon Courses

Learn to Canyon

If you are a total beginner (you’ve only joined commercial trips or where someone else knows the systems and you are being guided) or have training in various other outdoor pursuits and you want to know the “little traps”, then this course is to ensure you start your personal canyoning adventures with safe and correct habits!  Coaching on how to ‘scout the edge’ plus very shallow and BIG jump training/tips is covered in this course.  This course includes all of the standard/recreational “down stream” canyoning techniques.


Price: $550

Activity level: Moderate

Canyon time: 2 Canyons (Tui and Kaumira).

Length: 2 days

Transport: Provide your own.

Accommodation and meals: Provide your own.

Whats covered

Before you come

Participants need to have –

Canyoning gear

You need to bring –

*You can hire all the indicated equipment from us for a set rate of $50 per person per day – let us know.