Canyon Courses

Guide the Canyon

This two day course is designed for those who want to take it to the next level and is more technical based. The essentials for leading canyons, rescue and being self-sufficient in harder grade canyons. If you are already an advanced level canyoner and want to focus on the technical rescue systems and swift water rescue, or are looking for a customised or tailor made course, look no further!!


Price: $600

Activity level: Challenging

Canyon time: 2 canyons

Length: 2 days

Transport: Provide your own.

Accommodation and meals: Provide your own. We base ourselves from Geraldine.

Whats covered

Before you come

Participants need to have –

Canyoning gear

You need to bring –

For the Canyon 2 Course we encourage students to bring their own equipment. However we can provide equipment for $50 per day if needed. Let us know.