Canyon Courses

River Rescue for Canyons

Probably one of the most exciting and fun times you can have on and in a river! A huge focus on your personal development, comfort and understanding of how white water in a flooded canyon behaves. Basic rescues through to underwater searches and extraction techniques. If you are planning on guiding inexperienced people or exploration trips, this sort of training is a must!


Price: $600

Activity level: Challenging

Canyon time: 5-8 hours per day

Length: 2 days

Transport: Provide your own.

Accommodation and meals: Provide your own. We base ourselves from Geraldine.

Whats covered

Before you come

Participants need to have –

Canyoning gear

You need to bring –

For the River Rescue for Canyons course, we encourage participants to bring their own equipment. However we can provide equipment if needed. Let us know.